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ProteanOS: A Universal Embedded Operating System

ProteanOS is an operating system innovatively designed and built from scratch for a wide range of embedded devices, with inspiration from other successful operating systems. Guided by commitments to technical excellence and community values, ProteanOS is built on industry-standard and enterprise-quality technology and aims to provide a competitive solution in a wide variety of applications – from personal electronics and automotive systems to industrial control systems and digital signage.

ProteanOS seeks to combine the ease of setup found in most desktop and enterprise operating systems with the flexibility and configurability found in many other embedded operating systems.

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Libiquity and ProteanOS

Since 2011, Libiquity has led the development of ProteanOS and driven its innovation. Libiquity is responsible for maintaining infrastructure services to support the development of ProteanOS.

With leading expertise in the operating system, Libiquity is uniquely positioned to provide development and consulting services around ProteanOS.